Bragestenarna is a small rock carving situated in a landscape rich in ancient remains immediately south of Gislöv village.

Hundreds of objects left behind by Stone and Bronze Age man in and around Gislöv have been deposited in museums and farmhouse collections in the area. A couple of mounds are situated nearby. The decorated rock may have served as the floor of a third mound that has been removed. The site consists of two rocks. The larger has the largest number of carvings including ships, wheel crosses, supports for sun symbols and cup marks. Many of the images have not yet been interpreted. The wheel cross at the centre of the rock is very large and almost seems to be turning. The other rock, with only a couple of ships, is very small. Legend has it that people walked up the hill on a daily basis to look for ships and make weather forecasts. This was also where they lit their spring fires. It is not known how the site got its name, Brage’s rocks. Brage was the Nordic god of poetry and rhetoric. The carving is hard to distinguish in daylight. Go there at dusk and use a large torch to light up the carvings from the side.